Our Minister

Divine Science


Our minister, Earleen Cornell, is a proven force in New Thought having taught students as far afield as Africa and of course in our own home town of Pueblo, Colorado, the original home of Divine Science.



Our Practitioner

Divine Science


Larry loves electronics. He is sound engineer, records our talks and oversees our Divine Science center as our overall engineer!



Our Webster

Divine Science


Charlie has a long tradition of New Thought. He is both a businessman and a deeply spiritual soul. He is in the Serving New Thought "Webster" program enhancing his many skills with the addition of web mastery.


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True Spiritual Leadership is found in "doing the right thing, maintaining an open mind and being governed by the Golden Rule of 'doing unto others as you would have them do unto you."

"It is true wisdom, that aspiring to leadership one desires an honorable occupation. Honor is found in dignity, loyalty to ones' partner and comrades, temperance in emotion and action, respect for the weak, being generous, hospitable, apt to teach with gentleness, yet firm in instruction and insight. The teacher should not be addicted to intoxicants of any kind, should be gentle, not quarellsome, nor enamoured of profit."
~ 1 Timothy 3:1-3



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Nona L Brooks - one of the founders of Divine Science

Pueblo Divine Science Church
led by: Rev. Earleen Cornell
115 East Routt Pueblo, CO 81004
Sundays 11am
phone (719) 543-0812

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We Believe

Divine Science believes in the unity of all life, the transcendent and immanent nature of God, and the Truth wherever it is found: in art, science or religion. The Divine Science Statement of Being reflects our belief and expresses the Truth we come to know.

Our True Identity

Divine Science teaches that our highest self is our divine self which some call the soul. This is our individual reflectoin of the Divine / God.

This unseen part of us is endowed with divine qualities and powers, it unfolds through spiritual practice.

Life, is filled with love and light, as well as challenges. The challenges present us with an ongoing opportunity to discover and express what we really are: "Spiritual beings having a human experience." Our true identity is God’s image – God’s child.


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Prayer Never Fails

"True prayer is not begging for more wisdom, more supply, or more good. Infinite, all embracing Being cannot give us more than Itself. In sharing Itself with us, It has given us all that we can possibly need or desire. Our part is to accept."
-- Nona Brooks (from her book The Prayer That Never Fails)



Take classes at our center from our wonderful minister and our great team of empowerment professionals.


Our Postal Address:

Pueblo Divine Science Church
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CO 81004